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The Bias Rehab &

Learning Center

Your safe space
to learn and grow.

Diversity & Inclusion can be difficult to approach but we're making it friendly and accessible for you.

The Bias Rehab Center offers engaging, dynamic educational programs. It’s a safe space to ask stupid questions in a friendly, supportive place to learn and grow. Programs include The 11 Step Program, No Invitation Required, & Monthly Challenges.



 Our programs are informative and entertaining guides that help people reexamine their bias.

The 11 Step Program

Watch movies and learn what it means to live an inclusive lifestyle.

No Invitation Required (NIR) 

Live Q&A Show on YouTube
Ask a Black Person

Resident Professors

Mix & Match holistic approach to inclusion.

Monthly Challenges

Fun and easy challenges each month holistic approach to forming new habits free of charge.

Senior Managers & Executives watch movies and learn about inclusion.

"Ask a Black Person" weekly Q&A on how to live an inclusive lifestyle.

Therese Clark

Founder Lady Suite

really appreciate these programs both professionally and personally. Bias Rehab Center has helped me show up to difficult situations more empowered and educated.

Michelle Zaffino,

Founder MyLibrarian

This is an amazing resource for small business owners that want to create an inclusive environment and be a force for good.

Aparna Srinivasan, 

Founder SpotOn.Pet

The programs have been eye-opening for me on a personal level and as a  business owners  it's  invaluable. I would  recommend Bias Rehab Center to anyone!

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Bias Rehab Center

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