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What is The 11 Step Program?

The 11 Step Program is a full-immersion program built to mimic 30 days in rehab it's a sudden impact on the psyche.  A safe space exclusively for non-black Senior-level executives and management.   The 11 Steps is a guiding set of principles for rehabilitating habitual biased thoughts and actions. 

Who are the 11 Steps for? 

The 11 Step Program is for academic institutions and private companies in industries that move the needle, communities with a group dynamic. Tech startups, venture capital firms, limited partners, private equity offices, Greek fraternities and sororities, homeowner associations, family reunions.


Why full/half-day sessions?

A full-immersion inclusion program, we schedule the 11 Steps in full/half-days to effectively impact each participant's psyche. Half-day sessions are great for smalls and groups. Full-day sessions were built for large corporations, memberships, or associations with hundreds of people.   

Are sessions virtual? Can I be anywhere in the world?

Yes, sessions are virtual for the foreseeable future. Workshops are scheduled from Tuesday to Saturday and begin as early as 9:00 AM. 

How does payment work?

Deposits with required details or opt to pay the full amount upfront. 50% deposit is due at the time of booking. 


Are the 11 Steps for underrepresented participants? 

No. We want Senior-level executives to feel comfortable in their vulnerability.  We recommend giving underrepresented employees the day off with pay. 


Why shouldn't I bring my questions to my Black colleagues, coworkers, or friends? 

This program targets the biases that non-black people are socialized to develop and your black colleagues and friends don't need to be burdened by having that conversation.