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The Bias Rehab Center is your safe space to ask questions, learn, and grow.  When combined Bias Rehab programs are systemic solutions to a systemic issue.  A bias is a preconceived notion and the Bias Rehab Center helps you rehabilitate your preconceived notions. 


Bias Rehab is a systemic solution to systemic racism. Bias is a learned condition of the human experience, a habit.  A habit that can be broken through a system of accountability and responsibility.

systemic solution 

to a systemic issue.


Does the BRC provide certified therapy?

We provide a safe and inviting space for people to be in the community.  We help you form a plan of action and teach you how to unlearn the biases you have now.  However, we are not a certified therapeutic center for rehabilitation. 

How does Bias Rehab go beyond diversity, equity, and inclusion? 

The Bias Rehab Center offers fun, entertainment-based educational programming serious enough to help people make the necessary changes or shifts in their mindsets.


Do you work miracles?

No, we don't believe in miracles!  We believe in steps.  We believe a bias is a learned condition of the human experience, favorable or unfavorable.  Unlearning bias takes small repetitive steps each day.  Your first step, admit the bias you have has been passed down in your family for generations.