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What is No Invitation Required (NIR)?

NIR is a weekly discussion group focused on creating change in your world - friends, family, community, government - wherever injustice exist.   


Why do you need NIR?

You need NIR because you are struggling to make sense of the world.  The biased thoughts and actions of privilege have been passed down in your family for generations. NIR is the safe space for allies to support one another on a journey to self-enlightenment. People who identify as white don't have to be nervous about discussions of race and inclusion with people of color. 

Who is NIR for?

NIR is for people who identify as white. People who are looking for clarity about racial and social justice.  People who want to be disruptors of systematic oppression


How will I benefit from NIR?

  • You’ll gain self-awareness

  • You’ll expand your thinking

  • You’ll learn how to take action 

  • You’ll feel prepared for difficult conversations

  • Learn your unconscious triggers of bias


How can you continue to create change? 

You can continue to create change by enriching conversations in spaces that disrupt traditional settings.  NIR disrupts traditional settings by educating others on how actions and direct conversations can be oppressive. A discussion about how to express empathy to marginalized groups disrupts the traditional settings to uplift oppressed groups.   


How often does NIR meet? 

NIR meets on Tuesdays at 8 PM EST via Zoom.  Links are be sent upon registration. Holiday dates subject to change.

Can I bring a friend/family member?

Yes! Anyone who wants to dismantle systematic oppression is welcome.