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We host and promote fun yet thought-provoking events from our network of specialists and professionals from around the world.  Resident Professors ("Professors") are antiracist, bias, diversity, equity, and inclusion specialists affiliated with the Bias Rehab Center.  


You take Yoga, Spin, and Zumba classes at the gym, now Mix & Match to find the inclusive programming that works for you! Mix classes with diversity, equity, and inclusion industry consultants with proven track records of success. 

Approach the inclusive lifestyle from a holistic approach, Mix & Match programs from our global network of Resident Professors with life-changing experiences from The Bias Rehab Center.  


Programs offered by Professors are facilitated by external third-parties. Verify the cancelation policies and refund policy of each program individually.

P90X for your brain

We are the authority on how to live an inclusive lifestyle, Resident Professors are diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals in our network: 

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Slack Channel Moderators

Keynote Speakers 

B2B networking

And More

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Mix & Match inclusive programs for a holistic approach.

Become a Resident Professor 


The Resident Professor program is a revenue-generating expansion program for diversity, equality, and inclusion consultants around the world!  Once you're affiliated with The Bias Rehab Center your program is marketed and promoted as programs to achieve an inclusive lifestyle. 

There are a multitude of benefits to being affiliated with The Bias Rehab Center including, but not limited to,

  • Guest appearances on No Invitation Required

  • Press mentions in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more.

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