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Leadership | Founders 

Programs at The Bias Rehab Center are facilitated by contracted professionals are Social Workers, Licensed Practitioners, Certified Counselors, Therapists, and more.  Highly regarded professionals in their industries with degrees from institutions such as Cornell University, University of Notre Dame, George Mason University, or Columbia University  Our network of clinicians and psychotherapists is trained to emotionally support you through your journey adapting to an inclusive lifestyle.  Focused on solving the issue of how we relate to one another, The Bias Rehab Center is not a certified rehabilitation center.

Brooke S. Sinclair | CEO

"We can breed out racism in  the next 10 generations."   

Activist, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur Brooke S. Sinclair is the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of the Bias Rehab Center and Learning Center.  Brooke considers Bias Rehab a systemic solution to a systemic issue.  She wrote the 11 Steps to Rehab Your Bias, The 11 Step Program, and trademarked the term "White Whisperer."  A Diversity + Inclusion Advisor at Lady Suite she serves on the Board for Cornerstone Family Resource Center.  She is passionate about empowering underserved communities with social justice.