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11 Step Program | Why?

The 11 Step Program is a movie based e-learning program about inclusion. This is the most fun you can have discussing a hard topic.

Before the workshop, you watch assigned movies or media. During the workshop, we ask you a series of open-ended questions that help You identify who you are and how do you want to be remembered. 


The open Q&A gives you time to process  and you leave with easy-to-do daily actions you can do to live an inclusive lifestyle.  


Movie Based


The 11 Step Program is for the dynamic group setting. Corporations, Tech Startups,  School Boards, Private Equity Offices, Homeowner Associations, Greek Associations, Memberships, and etc. 

The most fun you can have discussing hard topics. Humor ​and wit to discuss hard topics. 

When combined with No Invitation Required, the '11 Steps to Rehab Your Biasmeans you're beginning to live an inclusive lifestyle. 

What's the first step to rehab your bias?

First step is to admit

you were powerless. 

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